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Neuromuscular Training & Brain Recovery

With every motion you make, your body and brain must communicate with each other, typically without you thinking much about it. But when you experience a stroke, aneurysm, or traumatic brain injury (TBI), the communication between the body and brain can be disrupted, which may cause a loss of body control, coordination, and communication skills.

Neuromuscular training is a specialized type of physiotherapy that focuses on helping individuals regain their movement capabilities and get back to their lives after a stroke, aneurysm, or traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Our Neuromuscular Training & Brain Recovery program will focus on practicing your motor skills, developing muscle memory, relearning how to control your muscles, and regaining functional independence. With consistent training, your brain tissue can recover, enabling the recovery of lost functions like movement, balance, and speech. After participating in the Neuromuscular Training & Stroke Recovery program, clients are likely to experience the following benefits:


Feel positive shifts in your overall mood

Regain lost abilities such as walking, dressing, and eating independently

Increased movement in limbs (arms and legs)

Improved coordination and balance when walking and standing

Decreased muscle spasms

Improved communication skills

Weightloss and muscle growth


Neuromuscular Training Frequency:


The timing and frequency of the treatments can make a big difference in your recovery outcomes. Patients should participate in neuromuscular training 2-3 times per week under a trained physiotherapist's close supervision to ensure the treatment plan yields the expected results. After consistently participating in neuromuscular training, patients often notice symptom improvement within weeks. 

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