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Deep Stretching & Joint Recovery

Schedule a Deep Stretch and Joint Recovery session to hit your body's reset button, decrease pain, move, and feel better.


You will be guided through a series of static and dynamic stretches, joint movements, and therapeutic breathing techniques to alleviate tension, pain, and soreness in your muscles, joints, and nerves. Each routine is designed by Dr. Jocelyn Nzabalinda, DPT, PT, a trained Physiotherapist who has experience working with clients of all ages, body types, and varying levels of flexibility and pain sensitivity. 


Some clients may wish to improve their athletic performance, some wish to decrease their joint pain and muscle tension, and others simply want a great stretch. No matter what brings you, the benefits of a professionally assisted stretching routine are tremendous! Your flexibility level doesn't matter - anyone looking to kick-start their recovery journey is welcome!


After completing a Deep Stretch & Joint Recovery session, clients are likely to experience the following benefits: 

Feel less stressed and more relaxed 

Decrease in the pain or discomfort you feel during daily activities 

Loosen tight muscles and stiff joints

Reduced risk of injuries 

Shorten recovery time after exercising or injury

Increased flexibility, blood flow, and circulation

Improved sleep quality 

Improvement in overall muscle performance

Improvement in standing and sitting posture 

Improved digestion

Increased range of motion and flexibility


Treatment Options

One-on-One Session - Duration: 45 minutes 

Book a one-on-one session tailored to your specific needs. First, we will assess your muscles, joints, and nerves to identify the areas that cause you the most pain and discomfort. Then, we will design your stretching routine to target your problem areas. Each session will also include some hands-on massage therapy. At the end of each session, we will ask you questions about the program and make the necessary adjustments based on your feedback.

Group Session - Duration: 60 minutes 

Join a group stretch session focusing on deep, slow stretching and extensive full-body recovery. A trained Physiotherapist will guide you through a stretching routine that targets the major muscle groups that commonly cause pain and tension in the body (i.e., neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, glutes, and knees). Each session will include breathing exercises and stretching equipment (i.e., yoga mats, foam rollers, and deep tissue massage guns) to help increase circulation, reduce stress, and relax the body to maximize recovery. 

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