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Personalized Massage Therapy

Some people might think that massage is just about being pampered, but in fact, regular massage can improve your quality of life significantly! Regular massage therapy can be a valuable tool to manage the stress that comes with chronic pain or injury.


Dr. Jocelyn Nzabalinda, DPT, PT, combines multiple advanced massage techniques with evidence-based practice into a highly individualized massage treatment that reduces your pain and inflammation caused by injury, surgery, or medical conditions. Schedule a Personalized Massage Therapy session to experience the benefits of a highly individualized massage led by a trained physiotherapist. First, she will ask you what you want to focus on, and then she will use her skill and judgment to combine the following massage techniques into your personalized massage therapy program tailored to your specific needs: 

Hands-on Deep Tissue Massage

Vibration Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy 

Electrical Stimulation Therapy  

Thermotherapy (Heat and Cold) 

Lymphatic Massage 

Trigger Point Massage

Myofascial Techniques


After completing a Personalized Massage Therapy Session session, clients are likely to experience the following benefits: 

Increase your blood circulation

Reduce pain sensitivity in injured and overused muscles

Decrease post-surgery recovery time and scar tissue 

Reduction in muscle spasms and cramping

Increase in joint flexibility

Improvement of range-of-motion in stiff joints

Decrease in discomfort for patients with lower back pain

Relief from migraines and headaches 

Decrease the need for medication

Feel less depression and anxiety

Release of endorphins, which aid in recovery from a chronic illness, injury, or surgery

Massage pressure:  


Please express the type of pressure you are comfortable with during the massage and if you have health conditions or take medications that impact your pain sensitivity. Deep, painful massage is not always required to have what is considered an effective treatment. Massage should not be extremely painful, but massage can be uncomfortable at times. We do not want you to “Grin and Bear it,” so please let the physiotherapist know your preferred style and pressure depth. All patients are different when it comes to pressure. Some prefer deep pressure, while others are more comfortable with light or medium pressure. We encourage you to have open communication with the physiotherapist throughout the session. 

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